Types Of Psychic Readings – Which One Is Right For You?

Were you thinking about getting a psychic reading and then confusion set in due to all the different types? Let’s take a minute and clear up the confusion. Here are the most common types of psychic readings:


Clairvoyant – A clairvoyant psychic has been blessed with the ability to see beyond what a normal person sees. They can discern patterns and see beyond what our senses to provide you with new insights into your life, career, love interests, and future. A clairvoyant uses the power of their enhanced sight to answer your questions

Clairaudient – A clairaudient psychic works in a different way. Instead of seeing they hear. They can often hear the voices of angels, spirit guides, and even from our departed loved ones. Their hearing may allow you to tap into new opportunities, or to avoid dangers.

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Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Card Readings – The average person thinks of tarot cards as sheer luck. A gifted tarot card reader is not working with luck. They have been imbued with the ability to divine truths from the cards. Their hands are guided by spiritual forces to uncover the cards which give clues to what is happening in your life right now and to give you a glimpse at the possibilities in your future.

Astrology Readers

Astrology Readers – You may already pay attention to your horoscope in your local newspaper and occasionally see the truths hidden in those little sayings. When you consult with an astrology reader the story becomes much different. Instead of a general reading for the general population, they pinpoint your astrological influence down to the time of your birth. They discern subtle clues in your astrological readings and give you guidance on how you can use the information to improve your life.

Love Psychic

Love Psychic – Some psychics are highly specialized. A love psychic is tuned into the forces of love in our lives and within ourselves. They can help detect where our passions lie, who loves us, and where love is growing or beginning to fail. A love psychic reading can help you determine whether it is time to move on, make changes in your life, or rejoice in the abounding love in your life.

Spiritual Psychic

Spiritual Psychic – Do you feel drained and tired? Are you feeling disconnected and alone? It could be you are feeling spiritually disconnected. A spiritual psychic can help you reconnect and help you renew your spirit. You can learn about how to reconnect spiritually into all parts of your life to improve relationships, your career, and to recover your happiness.

Remote Viewer – Do you need to know more about something going on far away from you? A remote viewer is a specialized form of a clairvoyant. Their site extends across distances to allow them to get visual clues and representations of what is happening in distant places.

Hopefully, this simple overview from us at violetpsychicmedium.com of the different types of psychic readings will help you choose what is the best choice for you. If you are not sure, do not hesitate to ask the psychic you contact. They can help you determine if they are the right choice, or if you should seek the advice of another psychic.