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Victims of Linda Ann Weston - On Trial in Pennsylvania

Victims of Linda Ann Weston. She (and three accomplices) were recently arrested for holding 4 developmentally disabled adults against their will, in addition to her niece who had been kidnapped and held, starved and tortured for several years. As Linda Ann Weston's name and photo have come out there have been several stories of people in her past and connections to missing persons, deceased persons.

One of these is a toddler girl named "Little L" who was last seen in 2008. This was also (I believe) the last time Maxine Lee was seen, she was later found dead due to malnourishment and massive bacterial infection. LAW served time for killing a man in 1981 by locking him in a closet and starving him to death. This seems to be her continued MO. At the time the toddler "little L" was last seen, LAW also had 3 Hispanic children in her care, who now are not in her care (and Little L is also not in her care, apparently).

Here are my notes with links to stories where I got this info. Thank you!

Linda Ann Weston

known victims:

- Bernardo Ramos, (locked in closet, died of starvation) 12/81

- 4 DD adults (10/15/2011)
- niece Beatrice Weston, 19 (locked in closet, malnourished, "tortured") (10/15/2011)

- 6 children (10/15/2011)

Suspected victims (currently missing):

- Toddler named "Little L" - last seen: "two-story, scuffed white rowhouse on A Street for about five months in 2008."

- Maxine Lee (died of "malnutrition and acute bacterial infection" she lived with Weston at the time of death. her death was never investigated and was ruled "natural causes")

- In 2008, the neighbors who were caring for Little L said LAW had the following people living with her: " Thomas, eight children who she said were hers, two Hispanic girls, a Hispanic boy and Maxine Lee, who was in Weston's charge."
So 11 other children besides Little L". 4 children were taken into protective custody on 10/15/11, so where are the other 8 (Little L, 2 hispanic girls, 1 hispanic boy - assuming the other four are the same four found in 2011).

Timeline :
Photo of Linda Ann Weston:
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4 children were taken into protective custody on 10/15/11, so where are the other 8 (Little L, 2 hispanic girls, 1 hispanic boy - assuming the other four are the same four found in 2011).

Just to clarify, there are differing reports of how many kids where taken into custody. A new article today (with lots of good photos) says that 8 children were taken in custody (I've also read 4 and 6), but it also says "Weston lived in a house nearby . . . with Thomas, eight children she said were hers, three Hispanic children and women named Maxine Lee." So at the very least the three Hispanic children are unaccounted for and possibly Little L.
UPDATE: Now being reported that "Little L" is one of the 8 children taken into custody. No mention of other three.

Another story of an alleged victim, a 14-year old girl who was a run-away held against her will in the same fashion, fed and bathed one a week, tortured.

How many victims do we not know about?

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