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PAngel777 said...

VERY VERY BRIEF UNEXPECTED SESSION/CONTACT/CHANNELING: Being shown a YELLOW HOUSE. Has what looks like from what I tell...LIKE A BARBECUE GRILL of some type (hope that is what is and not something else). RED ROSES in yard.

this came in instantly after typing the forum thread alert on the PCF Phoenix Serial Killer News Page.

SIDE NOTE: Again, this FEELS like ANOTHER "CREEPY" watching or casing out type of scene.

ADDING: There MAY BE like a FIELD or WOODS or WOODED AREA near this house..OR AT END OF A STREET.

CANNOT SEE CLOSE UP...BUT LOOKS one of the streets begins with the LETTER "A"....CANNOT MAKE IT OUT.

Blessings, Love, and the White Light of Divine Protection,

FURTHER CLARIFYING The BARBECUE TYPE GRILL Thing (or whatever it is) and the RED ROSES are in a BACKYARD. However, there are other flowers / garden in a like a SIDE YARD type view.


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