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Man / Possible Serial Killer Controlling Several Women

PAngel777 said...

Brief Session/Contact/Channeling: Been shown scenes of about 3-4 - maybe 5 WOMEN at most...(could be more but only shown a few at this time).

- They are TERRIFIED - AFRAID to leave wherever this place is.

- Each women has some kind of belongings - not much - some clothes . Things are messy & scattered.


- One of the woman reminded me of someone I know and so ONE OF THE WOMAN POSSIBLY COULD BE KNOWN AS (or name could be) "SUE" or SUZIE" or "SUSAN" or "SUZANNE" or "SUSIE" - or other name variations.

- One Woman seems to be the BRAVE ONE who wants to do something - but the others are too terrified and afraid that they'll get caught if they try to leave.

- The MAN seems to be very controlling (seen him somewhat so I know what he appears to look like for now (may post more on that later or if can get more).

NOT KNOWN if they are being held against Their Will - or held captive. WOULD SEEM LIKE IT...but something was OFF and CONFUSING in what I was being shown.

There was more but didn't have time to post if right away so some of it may not be reflected here at this time.

If recall more of it, will post.

MAYBE...the "LIKE A WHITE HARD CASE TYPE SUITCASE" could be clue to someone who is missing...


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