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FORUM THREAD #2 - Unsolved Oak Beach, Gilgo Beach, Tobay Beach Murders - Long Island Serial Killer

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September, 20, 2011

Long Island Serial Killer Hunt: Police Release Sketches of Victims

Police released sketches of two unidentified victims dumped on a Long Island beach by at least one serial killer, including a man dressed as a woman and a woman who may have worked as a prostitute.

The skeletal remains of a female toddler found this past April were linked by DNA to the skeletal remains of a woman found seven miles away, police said.

"It is likely that these two individuals were mother and child," Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said today.

In addition to the sketches, Dormer released pictures of jewelry and other personal details about the five unidentified sets of remains found along on a stretch of beach off of Ocean County Parkway in Long Island, N.Y.
"We are hopeful that the release of this additional information will aid our investigation in helping identify the unknown victims and their killer or killers," Dormer said at a press conference.

Do You Know the Long Island Serial Killers Victims?

Since December of last year, New York investigators have found 10 sets of human remains in Suffolk and Nassau County. Five of those remains have been identified as prostitutes, and the rest remain a mystery.

One of the sketches released was of a slightly built male victim who police said was wearing female clothing at the time of his death. Police said the Asian man was between 17 and 23 years old and approximately 5- feet-6. The man was missing both his top and bottom molars and one of his top front teeth, police said.

The death could have occurred between five and 10 years ago, police said.

The toddler is non-Caucasian and was wearing hoop earrings and a rope necklace, Dormer said. She was between 16 and 32 months old. The child's adult relative had two bracelets on when she was murdered, one bracelet with Xs and Os with stones resembling diamonds and a snake chain, police said.

The two could have disappeared between one and five years ago, police said.

Another victim identified as Jane Doe 6 was described as having been between the ages of 18 and 35 and approximately 5-feet-2. Her head, hands and right foot were recovered on April 4. Dormer said that DNA taken from those remains were linked to a torso found in Manorville, N.Y., in November 2000. A sketch showed a Caucasian woman with hair to her shoulders.

"To narrow the focus this woman would have been last seen alive in the late summer or fall in 2000…Consider that this woman may have been working as a prostitute in New York City during that time…This woman may have had a tattoo or other identifiable characteristic on her right ankle," Dormer said.

A forensic artist is working on a third sketch of a woman whose legs were found in April. DNA from her remains has been linked to remains discovered on Fire Island in Nassau County, N.Y., in 1996.

Suffolk County police, who are being assisted by Nassau County cops as well as state police and the FBI, have been tight lipped about the investigation. Law enforcement sources told ABC News that all of the victims appear to have been slain elsewhere, dismembered and transported to the beaches for disposal.

Long Island Serial Killer Victims Remain a Mystery

Four of the identified bodies were found wrapped in burlap in December 2010 and were prostitutes. They have been identified as Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman and Amber Lynn Costello. All of the women advertised their services on Craigslist.

The most recent set of remains to be identified belonged to prostitute Jessica Taylor. In April, authorities recovered Taylor's skull and hands. The rest of her body had been found 30 miles away in Manorville, N.Y., in 2003, the same area where Jane Doe 6's torso was found.

Dormer made an appeal for help from New York City's escorts.

"We also want to reach out to the people in the escort business to come forward with information. We are not interested in their occupation and feel that their information will be very valuable to this investigation," Dormer said.

The Suffolk Police have not identified any suspects in the killing and will not say how many killers they believe may have used the beach as a dumping ground.

In December of last year, police first began scouring the pristine Gilgo Beach in the search for missing prostitute Shannan Gilbert. Her remains have not been recovered and the investigation into her disappearance is ongoing, police said.

***UPDATE***: ON SHANNON GILBERT'S REMAINS FOUND Shannon Gilbert's Remains have since been found.




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"What you give, you keep. What you fail to give, you lose forever"
About a week ago, I woke up and I had nightmares about LISK and a lighthouse again. The lighthouse was tan with a red top. There was something about conc shells? Not sure how to spell that, but they were nearby. I felt like he had taken another victim and was planning more in the month of July. The name Terri comes up for me. If I remember any more, I'll be back.
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a few weeks ago, I think it was on a different thread but it was for long island serial killer. I drew a picture in my mind it was a male asian american his hair was to his shoulder he had a little tuff of hair just below his bottom lip, he is maybe early 30's got the name John su(?) I can't remember the last name but it started with an s and it was short like su or so something like that, an asian name. Have been trying to remember the name before I posted this. Somehow I got sidetracked from this thread. thought I would put it here since I just noticed the thread.
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On the old Gilgo beach killer thread I had mentioned that I believed the killer could be a security guard and sometimes pretend to be a cop to subdue/trick victims. Saturday a possible cross country serial killer was shot by a victim and killed - he was a security guard at the Hoover Damn when he may have killed the 4 escorts in Nevada almost 10 years ago, he was found with sets of handcuffs and many other troubling things like a machete and trash bags....

I'm seriously wondering if he killed the 4 Gilgo victims... And even the Atlantic City 4.
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Yeah... NOT surprising. KNew that other one was coming down. GOD SEES IT!
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Very vivid dreams last night. In the dream, I was one of the girls partying with the killers. I was in a two-story house (brown brick) in the city, as houses are only 8-10' apart. This is a rough, sort of old neighborhood, what I'd consider charming and middle class. If you're facing this house, there is a covered brick and concrete porch. House was standard house built circa 1940-1950. In the dream as this young woman, I'm upstairs in a bedroom, feeling very poorly, sick all over, and pretending to be asleep. The bedroom is 2nd floor, in the front of the building. There is a window that is in the front, but also on the left side if you're looking straight at the house. The window on the left is the one I'm wanting to escape from. I can hear them down stairs and they have another woman captive. They shoot her in the head. I'm terrified and frozen. Someone looks into the room and I still pretend to be asleep. They're going to dispose of her first and kill me shortly if I don't escape. I'm looking out the window that's on the left side of the house. I can't leave the room through the door, because I know they're going to kill me if I try to get out that way. I see a tree that has a branch, that almost abuts the window. The branch is about 5' in length. It's a pretty large tree, but it's almost dead. The house next to the one I'm in is boarded up. Nobody lives there, so I can't scream for help. If I can get to that tree limb, I can escape. If I'm looking at the house from the street, there is two strips of long concrete that make up a driveway on the right side, that goes along the right side of the house. One of the men's name is Bill or Billy. He's a dirty cop. There is a clique of three of them that I know of in this moment. JB is a friend and the other is a cop. One is my boyfriend. The dream shifts and I'm trying to get my child and escape. They're on to me. They're going to kill me. In the dream, I feel like I'm one of the good cops or good guys, like a female cadet or young officer. I also get a strong, native American vibe from this whole thing, like one of them is native American. I picture an old cop car, also a yellow Vega. This is back in the day, but in today's moment as myself, while I sit here typing, I feel they're still very much active in hunting women. As I sit here typing this, I know someone named "Chuck" is also involved. I know they're coming after me in the dream. Will sketch.

The energy shifts and I keep seeing the face of Meagan Waterman and her rage. I have a warning for those involved who've read this thread and are very much aware of it and their deeds. "Repent. I have experienced your deeds and I have seen your fate when you sealed mine. Repent now or you will be burned and tortured for all eternity far whatever pain you've caused me and your other victims. Repent or when you die your fate is sealed. Repent or you will seal on your foreheads what you've done to yourselves...unimaginable pain and torture and fire and hell. You are going crazy knowing what you did and you think you can hide, but you can't. It's in the back of your mind and you know you were wrong. Don't think you can outrun your fate. Repent or it is sealed. Turn yourselves in or you will reap what you've sown. I was no whore. I was/am a loving human and mother. Now, I sit as your judge and jury."
Meagan is no longer with me.

I feel like there is/are officers of the female persuasion that know who is responsible, along with other male officers, but these females are witnesses in-particular. Don't be afraid to come forward. You are in far worse danger by NOT coming forward. They know that you know, and want you dead. I feel like one woman in-particular is/was a female cadet, though it is not clear if she is alive in this world or the next.

As I sit here typing this my thoughts go to the next world and the justice that is to come in both. WOW. Hell hath no fury like a murdered victim. Now I see the face of Maureen... She says she was NOT the first victim! There was misconduct allegations where the woman was raped and refused to press charges...and it was swept under the rug. Debbie from Haupauge? She's saying that the whole lot of them are crooked... Tom? Crooked... all the way up the food chain at the top. She said she wasn't happy with her life and didn't dream she'd ever be successful. It was hard and that's how she fell into the trap. She never dreamed this would be the outcome. She's saying that they were all human and made mistakes, but they never killed anyone. Maureen doesn't understand how they could think she was such trash, yet they're murderers. She was just trying to survive this world. "How ironic."

Someone called "Juju" or "Jugi" is coming forward. She wants me to say that nobody is safe from these men. They have power here, but not there. I ask her to give me names: James, Keith, Chuck, Tom, they all grew up together and ran around together and knew each other before. For some reason I hear "Burns" but I don't know what it means. There are some officers who didn't partake in all of this, but they knew and covered for them sometimes. There are some that knew this stuff was going on and did nothing out of fear. There are witnesses who will not be held guiltless if they don't open their mouths. Oh and she "Loves her mother." She said it's like a trap in that department... they're thicker than thieves. Some guy named "Burt or Burk didn't start out as corrupt, but was slowly lead down that path by some of his superiors. "There is so much crime that goes back for so long... criminals with badges." The young guys don't know who to trust and she says to "go to another department."

Jessica is coming through now. "That fat pig is the one who killed me." She is referring to the one who hasn't been arrested, who bought things for her and isn't whole... Chuck. "He said he was going to help me. He said he has a room and I could stay with him until I got clean. I thought he cared about me. The necklace was bought by him, not one of us. He could afford it. We couldn't. He had money. He is the worst. He makes you think you can trust him and he wants to help. His wife knows he's guilty."

I can't shake the feeling that these women were placed in the manner in which they were found will also help determine which person killed which girl. One left them out there at first, but then started looking at the rules of decomposition, which is why Shannon was put in the water. They knew she could identify them, but there was no where she could turn, because the cop was there. I have to take a break.
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After going back again, and copying my original posts...note, I found some differences, which is interesting to me. That said, I feel like a flipping moron, because ALL of the clues were there to nail this guy. I'm shocked! Bird handler... How about jailbirds? The girls were from all over the country... the killer wasn't. I could go on and on. Gonna sort this out, but I think by now, the perpetrators are very clear indeed.
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Yesterday and then again this morning I got a few things in regards to this case (intuitively).

I got three males standing together, the one in the middle is tallest and the two on the left and right are shorter, they're blacked out like they're in a shadow but the middle one is still in color and he appears covered in a sheath like garment of off-white, or the colorof very light (real) butter (not margarine, which is probably dyed yellow with food coloring anyway). I got the word "off-white" as well. This might mean that two men are already dealt with but one is still out there. I don't know. Especially since I feel like there are three plus one. within the group of three there feels like a father-son (which I am aware has been mentioned previously by many people, but it's still a genuine sense I have) but I'm not sure why the "plus one" feels separate from the group. Whether it's a woman, or someone the main group utilizes for a specific purpose, or a newcomer, or an outsider or what. I don't know.

Got a specific strong sense of there being an intentional tie-in to drug rehabilitation, where girls who are ex/recoverig heroin/opiate users or previous residential rehab clients are being targeted. I feel there may be a sense of trust gained by one of the group being a well-recognized member of local AA/NA groups or other such "salt of the earth" types of places where he would be considered someone who is trustworthy and stable, a good mentor type, someone to call when you are desperate and at your wit's end. I don't think this is how he meets the girls, I think he keeps them completely separate from his "sober" life, which I think he is given a great deal of credit for in his visible career-life and family life. But I think that within the context of his darker sexual habits and dalliances and circles he also runs in (in whatever way), I believe it is used as a way to tell girls that this is a safe, older man, who they can trust and not fear because of this aspect of his life. I think this is likely a strong factor in the girls later going without their phones - it was probably part of the setup to say that this "Sponsor"/"sobriety mentor" feels that it's best to separate yourself from all of those "in the moment" "instant gratification" things that come from today's social media and cellphone craze, etc.... to this end I think the building where he holds girls quietly (not sure there are parties there though) probably has a landline phone still...

this is all intuitively derived information. Also, I keep pondering whether there is a third generation tie-in to the father/son couple, not that works with them or perhaps not that even killed women, but who had some kind of old findable record in some way of having mistresses he was violent /sadistic with or something. Again this person would have NO tie in to these cases and maybe was even dead before the girls started appearing but I keep seeing very old 1930s to very early 50s perhaps era photographs of a woman with an old style hairdo laying on a linoleum type kitchen floor with blood all over her arm and at least one of her legs twisted up behind her and blood on her forehead as well.. feels like it's in an old police file somewhere waiting to be found, with a surname tie-in or address or something. maybe "uncle".
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I keep getting the name "Savanna" or "Savannah" for this. It's definitely a name, not a place, but I'm not sure if it's a WOMAN'S name, or a surname, or a streetname, or a business name, or what kind of name. but I get "the name SAVANNAH".

It has literally nagged at me for two and a half days now so I'm going to just put it down in hopes that it clears my intuitive "space" out for fresh info insted of this word just nagging me constantly.
I am a work in progress.

NOTE: My posts are intuitive in nature unless otherwise noted to be opinion or information from an outside source, etc. They remain my own intellectual copyright and may not be copied, quoted, screen-shotted, or otherwise shared outside of PCF.
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