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Sarah Roecker - Missing - 1/19/2015 - Beaverton, Oregon

I have done a writing on Sarah.

Writing December 10,2015 12:26 PM Friday.
This may be totally out there but it is what I got
for this writing.
Baluga enticed by a string of luck
followed by total loss. Month of March
can't recover Horseshoe Lane Two miles
south of there.

I looked up some clue words and found that
Baluga is a name of a Caviar, a whale, and
a Vodka. Spirit's spelling is not always
correct. Could be Beluga.
What I am looking at here is three different
definitions. Did she like to eat fish, or
drink vodka? Did she like to go to the
casino? Did she like horseracing?
I will see if there is a horseshoe lane
Will try and do some mapping but this new
program is giving me trouble trying to get
the old map program and searches done correctly.
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