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Sarah Roecker - Missing - 1/19/2015 - Beaverton, Oregon

Selena Hair said...

Hello. Sarah has still not been found. Has she visited any of your thoughts lately? No one is looking for her anymore that I'm aware of. It's so disheartening. We haven't had a funeral yet because there's no closure. The not knowing sucks. Thanks for listening.

Hi Selena,
Sadly, still aware that your Dear "Aunt Sarah" has not been found. You might not be aware that I constantly repost PCF Family Missing Cases Alerts - although no longer reposting daily, but rather at end of week /weekend.


You can view all of the past posted alerts at Sarah's PCF News Page at link (scroll down on that page):


No need to respond - just informing as that is where I will continue to post the alerts (instead of the forum threads) and if anyone should further get something, they will post what they get here in Sarah's Psychic forum thread.

Blessings, Love, & the White Light of Divine Protection,
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