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Sarah Roecker - Missing - 1/19/2015 - Beaverton, Oregon

I am wondering if Sarah, was an avid camper, hiker. Has she been camping in the area her car was found? I saw an image of who I think is her lying on her stomach on a very slight incline with a jacket laying over her most of her face and hair showing, brush around could be at the time I am seeing this she has the jacket and some branches or some kind of foliage on her as cover. I see a stream or some sort of water flow behind her. I see what looks like a wooden little building like a modern outhouse. Lots of tall trees. is there a closed for the winter campground she may have made it to. I am trying to find it on the map now feels like more north than my last post, but the same description of the area with the water below so the land is inclined she could walk up and see further down or come down lower where I have the image of her being. I want to say she is alive laying there but I have no feelings one way or the other, strange as that is. Could be she feels numb so I can not pick it up... some kind of block there.
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