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Sarah Roecker - Missing - 1/19/2015 - Beaverton, Oregon

Selena Hair said...

Sarah's car has been located on a remote road in a heavily wooded area of the Gifford National Forest in WA (the exact location has not been shared by the authorities in order to protect the SAR search). The area surrounding her car has being searched all day but they have not found Sarah. They resume their search tomorrow morning with a larger search team (approx 50) and dogs. Thank you for sharing your impressions and please keep trying to locate her or provide any further insight you may offer.

Okay, thank you very much for sharing this. This is very helpful to know because it just verifies to me that I really am not great at mapwork and am better at intuitive work. So let me go ahead and ponder this "car at a trail head" thing I picked up on last night a little more. I had no clue in the world that I was on the right track when I posted that.. I'm glad I trusted my gut and just said it.

Anyway, I'm now concerned that she's not where her car is. I've been ignoring this next thought for days but now think I better just say everything because who knows.... is there a port anyplace where a ferry or other even bigger commercial boats or ships goes out of that is reasonably near there, but to the west? Not sure what "reasonably near" would mean. But I have been getting that for days and since it seemed to make no sense for Sarah, I have been keeping it to myself in case it's for another case that I don't know about yet. But anyway.. sharing just in case as always. I don't want it to lead to goosechases because maybe it is for someone else. But there is NO chance of it being helpful if I don't post it.
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