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Sarah Roecker - Missing - 1/19/2015 - Beaverton, Oregon

I felt like near/ above a river with rapids I could see down from the woods/forest. I don't think people would be canoeing or kayaking this time of year but could be just telling me it is where they do. I was first drawn to Sandy river I wanted to go east and the appearance of that river felt right, to be honest the first photo I looked at was in washington the area looked right but I thought I didn't want to go that far north, so I picked the pic that looked most like what I saw an image of. this is the first photo I clicked on the area on the right part of the photo is similar to what I viewed in my minds eye. Looks to be higher than the other side of the river.

Even though I feel like she went off to sulk. I keep getting this nagging thought wanting to know if there would be anyone that would want to harm her?? I keep getting thoughts after these other thoughts and images of looking down at the river with rapids that make me wonder if she was harmed in some way and it was made to look like she wanted to harm herself. that is why I said in my other post that could be someone else in that area that this is happening to.. conflicting at the moment.. I hope she is found safe soon.
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