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Sarah Roecker - Missing - 1/19/2015 - Beaverton, Oregon

I've been hesitant to post because when I look at Sarah's picture I don't get a sense of her accomplishing self-harm, and that goes against what is stated as being her intention in the opening post. And because I feel conflicted about that I'm not sure if what I am 'getting' is accurate... but I've always felt it's best to just put it down "just in case" so...

when I first looked into Sarah's eyes in her new picture I felt like she was upset and frustrated and 'over it' about something, maybe having to do with health or having something health related thrown in on top of something else, perhaps a personal choice that people didn't agree with or she felt they wouldn't accept? I'm not sure... anyway... the main thing I felt though was "didn't go through with it"...

then I looked at a map based on the last known ping as stated on the forum here, and when looking at the map (which is not my strongest suit) I for whatever reason felt pulled east on kelso, over to bluff and then noticed the area that says 'sandy' (I don't have the map open now, this is from memory).

then now, tonight, I opened the thread again and looked into Sarah's eyes and just tried to ask her where she is.. and I for whatever reason at that time got the thought in my head to look for her car at trail heads.

I don't know if anything here will prove to be helpful, but I felt I was better off posting, like I said, 'just in case'.
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