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Finally, I have been seeing and speaking with my priest every day for 2-3 hours a day. My first meeting with him, I went with a thought nothing may come of this. And now there are 8 priests speaking with me. All is going well. The 2nd meeting my priest made a comment that rung loud. He said,"hundreds of people come forward with claims of seeing and speaking to the "Blessed Mary". All prove to be hoaxes. He showed me article after article proving to be hoaxes, they soon died!If I ever said or did anything to my religion that would expel me, I
would be heart broken, I would lose a great part of my life. It will be awhile, I'm on my way to becoming the 3rd documented case Of the "Blessed Mary" apparition(Wow, I didn't see that coming)! I'll finish this tomorrow. See what the priests had to say.
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