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One last brief story connection
The Long Island Serial killer
I took all the victims I see and placed them by the year they went missing and found.
3 4 7. Since the 90's, he struck 3 years apart, then 4 years apart, then seven years apart.
Something happened to him in 2009, he then started mass killings.

He then placed them in accordance to The Constellation Orion. The Big Dipper, Small Dipper,
Orion's Shield, Satin's fork, and Orion's Belt.

This guy is seeing the same images I see. He is most likely psychic, and working with what he sees. He seems to be devout Catholic by day, satin worshiper by night.

The soil of the Oak Beach Parkway, the soil has more white clay composition.
Manorville is green/yellow land.
There is a Pond in the area, and the water is black. Surrounding the pond is yellow shrub.
Some where in the Hamptons coast line are more remains, and the soil is composed of red soil.

This guy maybe one of the four horseman of the Apocalypse. The soil/land/water colors may represent the colors of the horses.


I make this quick story connection as crime is a part of the Apocalypse.
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