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The 3 Shepard Children Our Lady of Fatima,Portugal connection.
Both sides of my parents were born and raised surrounding the area of Fatima, Portugal.
I was born 1 month pre-mature in the USA, but spent 1st 3 years in Porto, Portugal. And have lived 45 years in the USA. 345(Represents time).

Both had visitations of "The Blessed Mary"!
Both had same visions: An Island on fire(nuclear war). Parts of hell beneath the Earth.
Visions of war. Vision of a person in white cloth to be Satan.

The 3 children were Lucia Dos Santos and her 2 cousins, Francisco Marto, Jancinta Marto.
The "Blessed Mary" visitations for them occurred, every 3rd Saturday,on the 13th day, for six consecutive months. I come to realize they too have the same code 2,333,333.33, the same as my mom. the number 2 for them, I believe 2 of the children soon passed-away. I also have the same code, my life follows this same pattern, 2,333,333.333.

The 3 children represents the 13th day. My message from the "Blessed Mary"...1st's time...time...time(forgot she mentions the word time(3x's), not 2. 13. will I pass on the 13th day? Lucia Dos Santos passes away February, 13th, 2005.

1917 was the year they saw the Blessed Mary. I took the 347 code from the year 1917, and kept adding 3 years, then 4 years, then 7 years. The point of intersection is 20014(the 1st sign).
I'll finish this part later today
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