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To finish my mother's story. At the funeral home, I found out her wedding ring and band were stolen, and her cocktail ring. 3 three rings. My sister was searching Face Book, and she came upon a profile of a man's death dedication page. My sister knew this was our mother's first husband, Antonio Dos Santos. I picked up one of my mom's prayer cards. I took notice that my dad wanted this specific card. It's a picture of the"Blessed Mary", with the 3 Shepard children kneeling by her side in prayer. I wasted no time hiring a PI to find out if Antonio Dos Santos was related to Lucia Dos Santos, one of the 3 children who saw apparitions of the "Blessed Mary". My mom's first husband is a few times removed cousin to the 3 children. I soon saw the numbers 2,333,333.33. I didn't understand what this meant, but I got this was her code. This code represented hours prior and up to her death. Tomorrow I'm going post a chart
of the similarities of my mom, the 3 Shepard Children, and me.
www.three Shepard children our Lady of Fatima Portugal.
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