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I've been trying to post this in Dream Outlet but have been unable to, after reading New Horizons recent post feel it's meant to go &ere as well...

Dreamt last night of fighting to protect & NEEDING to hide my first born & everyone else's first born...there was a STRONG Religious, as well as a China presence in regards to the reasoning behind all of this...

What bothered me more is when I woke up, I told myself this was the 2nd time I dreamt of this, just this past week...problem is, I remember but yet I don't actually remember the first felt like I dreamt this the night before! Also, the presence of Evil/Satan was very much around!

Will also try posting in dream outlet again, as I feel it needs to be there as well.

I also tried to post in dream outlet. unable to enter the thread. It's amazing how others get some of the same info, and the overlap from other angels.
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