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In January of 2014 I fell ill with a high fever, and body aches. As I turned around I smelled
an array of flowers. Behind me stood a women dressed in white cloth as the bottom layer, and then black cloth atop. She said "This is the 1st sign". "it's time...time". As a Christian, I knew this was the "Blessed Mary".

I soon saw 5 stars in the night time sky. It's the constellation Orion, specifically Orion's belt. I knew I was seeing the plains of Heaven. I'm still getting Heaven is in stress. Something is not right there.

Soon I would see the Earth from space. I see 2 funnels grey in color that attaches to the earth, and goes straight to Orion's Belt. I see New spirits being delivered to earth. And spirits which have passed on headed to the plains of Heaven. I get at this moment in time that there was perfect harmony.

In February, I started to see visions of my mother in peach colored gowns, with a huge happy smile. I would then see her at different ages and weights. I became paranoid, and was sensing
she was going to pass on.

In March I saw 2 handwritten documents on brown parchment paper. I then saw a Chinese or A Japanese Military man in a black Military Suit. Parts of his name came in, Tso, or Taso. What was specific about his uniform was the vest. The vest was made of black and grey wool. The vest has six huge black buttons, with black strings criss-crossing the buttons. Later that day my mom went to the emergency room and admitted, and diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Sitting next to my mom, I then saw her body wrapped in white cloth, covering all her private parts. She was lying on a cross, and I was getting sacrifice.

In April I would walk around town and everything was this golden color, homes, people, trees, plants. I was smelling the stench of dead flesh. In the distance was a huge ball of fire. An Island on fire. I would see this everyday for weeks. I knew this was a part of World War III.
I saw Flags, China, Japan, American, Brazil, Israel, Great Britain, Liberia, Siberia. In New York City, I Saw clouds of smoke near Penn Station, Times Square, Wall Street, and near the Empire State Building, The Bronx Zoo. Got plans for attacking the World Trade Center again.
Got terrorist attacks. Many will be Kin. Also attacks in Virginia Again. Attacks in Hollywood CA. I also saw 2 black areas in space, and got Satan's domain.

On Mother's Day, we went to a nice restaurant for dinner. I saw the "Blessed Mary", walking in her domain. She was not happy, she was very concerned and sad. Siting next to my mother, I saw white light emitting from her. I knew her death was near. The next day she was admitted to the hospital. Her lungs and legs were filled with fluids. Sitting by her side I saw a vision of a 2nd military man. He was standing in front of a huge building with great lights. He had a black gun resting on his shoulder. He had a large black hat, looked like the Elvira hair. Got Russia. Got some of his name, Putain,or Put.

On May 25th, 2014, a vision came in. I saw this long greyish white tube with a funnel at it's end again. There wasn't many new spirits arriving to earth; just the opposite. The funnel from the Earth to Orion's belt filled to capacity with spirits passing on. Once again, I received a call from the hospital, my mom was admitted once again. She was in the ER. She was in curtain 3. When I arrived, the cardiologist was moving her to the Cardiac Unit, in intensive care unit, 3rd floor, room 33. The Dr's said she was fine, she had a little fluid in her lungs, her blood pressure was a little low, nothing too concerning. She may leave the next morning as long there were no signs of an heart attack.

I awoke about 12am on Monday May 26th. A vision of the Earth again appeared, above the Earth's atmosphere was the funnel again, also an Angel playing a horn or trumpet wss present. Soon I got a phone call from the hospital asking me to come soon as my mother had gone into cardiac arrest and wasn't expected to make it through the morning. AS I held my mom's hand, I looked at the clock and it was 2:33AM. I saw her spirit begin to detach. At 2:36Am, her sprit was at mid-point of the room. At 2:40AM, the cardiologist pronounced her dead. Her spirit entered the funnel. I Saw the numbers 3 4 7. While driving home, I saw an image of Satan opening a door from hell. Satan pointed the "Sword of Fire" towards the Earth,wearing a white robe. Satan then descends to Earth. Satan's domain is decreasing in size, then disappears. I saw many grave sites around the world. The spirits of Heaven were aiming brownish lights to the graves below. People were in horrific pain, every second, minuet, hour, day weeks, month, year, in horrific pain, not knowing where they are, why, or how. They only know it's dark, and cold. They are in tremendous fear!
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