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Brief Session/Contact/Channelling: HEARING CHATTER...then shown a MALE w/FACE covered with what looks or appears like a "DARK KNIT CAP" (reminds me of a sock type thing) w/CUT-OUTS for HIS EYES & MOUTH. Something HANGING down in the BACK OF THIS CAP/FACE COVERING. He is TALL, carrying a MACHINE GUN...CAREFULLY walking across a street...then SHOOTS LIKE CRAZY...


- When he is "carefully" walking across the can see a building to where he seems to be heading - right in front of him...vague...but seems to be BEIGEY / LIGHT PALE COLOR...POSSIBLY a STOREFRONT???

- Dark Knit Cap seems to be BLACK (or possibly VERY DARK BLUE)...and there seems to be some SLIGHT & very thin RED MATERIAL around the circles covering the eyes...VERY STRANGE...not sure what this or WHAT I'M BEING SHOWN at the time of this Psychic state.


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