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PLANE WRECKAGE / DEBRIS FOUND: Missing Plane Boeing 777 flight MH370

Stacy said...

A new thought came to mind...if they were hijacked perhaps the pilot or CO PILOT choose that route to avoid having the plane used as a weapon.

This seems way to well planned for that. If 16 people could go to flight school and coordinate hijacking planes on 9/11 who knows what a well organized rogue pilot could have planned if he was acting alone, how could anyone know what he was thinking unless he outwardly expressed it.

There was something or some reason this flight was the one. I wish we had the cargo manifest it might give and indication of why? Could it have been a large shipment of extreme value? I think there is something there that we are not being told about.
Shellee Hale - Administrator<br /><br />@shelleehale (twitter)
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