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PLANE WRECKAGE / DEBRIS FOUND: Missing Plane Boeing 777 flight MH370

I had a dream in December that I was on this plane . I was in the back of the plane and the plane started acting like it was in a air pocket. I was observing people on the plane their was two men walked by me that were of Arab descent and young I looked at them and I did not like their look on their eyes. The Captain announced for everyone to be seated because of turbulence. I looked to the side of me and these two men were coming down the isle and all of sudden a man sitting on the side of me clicked something on his glasses and said now . It was a massacre and the plane blew up in bits . And I was floating over the Red sea I remember distinctly .
I warned a lot of family members after that dream not to fly overseas .
That dream was so real . The name of the men I was told to.
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