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PLANE WRECKAGE / DEBRIS FOUND: Missing Plane Boeing 777 flight MH370

Just some words I wrote during the writing on March10,2014
First word of meditation

Quanto. Mercury, Brown Pill, Octane, screen cloth
Deterant, Micro vision.
While working with this information I felt very
congested through the sinus passages and tight in
the chest. This feeling has left me now.

Although I don't know how any of these words would
apply to the missing plane, I do feel they all go together.

Looking up Brown Pill in Wikapedia, I did find a topic
explaining Mota fuel. It is a pill that turns water to gas.
Mota is Atom spelled backwards. With this I am feeling that
maybe the gas in the plane was tampered with somehow?

Other than that, I haven't been able to unscramble anything
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