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Z7760 - 5/23/2010 - Woodstock, Illinois

Z7760 - 5/23/2010 - Woodstock, Illinois
Shellee Hale - Administrator<br /><br />@shelleehale (twitter)
Ideo1- Bio, wet, natural, active area.
arches repeat right of center
a land mass rounded point with structure is to the west
people have recreational activities and entry from the wsw.
z4470 is in very low light un-noticed due to water.
Focus on the land areas for more details.
red and black
much is speckled by black
midnight blue
Sounds in the area
much gurgling
watery falling
created by waves
at least 4 motorized transport
in motion cloth whipping
stone and rocks
a metallic door shuts, car like.
fight over - compete
vast expansive outdoor area
earthen natural mulch decays with hay like long dry grass.
salty - from persons
many drink here
bringing food - chicken related
Temp this AM 68 water much colder.
much is metallic grating and latticed.
a frame work - structural
arches 3 times
polished, smooth
has electric
glass windows
mossy, soaked
uniform - symetry
fees are charged here by coins.
Many Diagonals
many curves
open vast views - outdoors
3 arches span tall overhead.
multi-story high
over deep water
parts of the support structure submerge as a foundation - embedded.
floaty, floating, oblong, - water
chalky lines.
Industrious area

A recreational landmark younger persons frequent
problem in aquaint / relationship late 20's
defend / protect torso stomach area
punctures C.O.D. at least 5
gave money. use caution, greed.
religious connection
Area has hills and rough terrain nearby
slow traffic areas
Area requires attention to position and bodily awareness
music in area
calfs go at jog level of use, impact mouth, kicks at...
hair seems pulled up straggled and long
puncture to stomach 2 close, 1 liver, 1 tricep, 1 above outer right eye.
pressure was applied at shins, upon hair, and right fore arm.
The assaulter
very short hair, more caucasian
thin eye brows that are not full to the outer arches
a scar at mid-right side neck.
a pock mark over the left eyebrow near level with the tear duct below.
a right ear piercing.
odd habitual mouth gesturing curls lower lip to the right cocked and drooping constantly.
scar elongated to first finger on the insides.
seems to wobble head in motion and glance at odd angles in a cocked manner.
wears t shirts.
try to pinpoint an are by map later.

" Only God has all the answers." My posts are psychic in nature and no one has permission to use them outside of the PCF forum.
Maybe a Rockford metro-center area connection.
" Only God has all the answers." My posts are psychic in nature and no one has permission to use them outside of the PCF forum.
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