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Phoenix Coldon - Missing - 12/18/2011 - Spanish Lake, Missouri

I also found that at the interchange of 55 and 70 the goose hill neighborhood near the riverfront is either being developed or going to be developed. It appears to be close to 8th spring and mississippi rd. I recall in my reading that I posted on Stacey English forum there was a duck and under. Just thinking about how similar duck and goose are. North of that 55 70 interchange is a water street which is a road that drew me in on Stacey English forum, and there also appears to be some ponds there too. I also remember when talking about the state to the west of georgia on Stacey English forum I said it could have been missouri and water st and missouri st intersect by that 55 70 intersection. Sometimes when I am writing it appears I am auto-writing, and some of the words that pop out seem to have meaning somewhere in the story. I also wrote about a baker and meyer in the stacey english case, but I can't seem to separate these two cases from each other, so its a garbled mess. I guess what didn't seem to have a place in the Stacey English Case should be considered in the Phoenix Coldon Case. Two bridges in that area are catching my attention one is a railroad bridge called Macarthur and the other bridge that catches my attention is the Martin luther king bridge they both have the metal webbing trusses over the top of the bridge that I felt I saw in a vision unfortunately I have noticed that many of the bridges that cross the mississippi near st louis are that style of bridge so I am not sure which one I saw I want to say it looked more like a railroad bridge though. I can't walk down water street or missouri ave with google maps, but I can do some walking down some of the streets by 8th ave and will do so to see if I pick up any vibes but its a very slow process that takes a ton of time.
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