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Phoenix Coldon - Missing - 12/18/2011 - Spanish Lake, Missouri

Here's a dream that might be connected. I am riding in a car with a man, this appears to be a new relationship. He tells me that he got me a Christmas present, and I am floored by this because I didn't expect him to get me anything, and I didn't get him anything. It was so out of the blue. I remember from the dream having wanted this coat that had fur or was all fur and that I had talked about wanting this coat. As we were driving I was the passenger he reaches back into the back of the vehicle and pulls something forward and its a pair of flashy black sneakers. I of course tell him at that point that I am shocked I didn't know we were exchanging presents. I am feeling like a heal, but also thinking this is a pretty nice guy to buy me these things. I want to try on the coat but it requires stopping and getting out to do so. At this point I wake up dream over. If any of this dream sounds familiar then one might want to check the purchases of any suspects.
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