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Phoenix Coldon - Missing - 12/18/2011 - Spanish Lake, Missouri

I got an initial impression then read through the above forum - I felt a connection between the two girls immediately before reading. I got the figure 8 like skater's make, looping them together. Felt a male energy with a knife at her throat and not feeing any energy for Phoenix. Feel she was lured - at first it felt she thought it was a police officer luring her from her car but she was not stopped by surprise - she was "intentional". She is coming through as that she "intentionally" went to this place. The place may not be where the car was found. Abandoned area with brick storage/factory. Old and nasty. Isolated but by train tracks. Tracks are rarely used anymore if ever. Carried freight not passengers. There is an "italian restaurant" connection between the male and Phoenix. He is a angry soul with hatred in his blood toward women. He has abused women before and thrives on being dominant. He has been questioned before. He has gotten away "with murder" and gloats but he is soon to be caught. He has harmed many females in the past and will continue to hurt and act as a predator - he gets hyped up on drugs and feels no remorse. Very dangerous person. Feels invincible.
Energy of this male is stubborn and cocky - he surrounds himself with people that "worship" him and keep his ego on high. He does not like to be alone. There are at least 5 in this group of idiots that "hang together" and think they are important. Him as the leader. It is not a real gang. More like their little family gang. He will hang himself soon - he is way too overconfident and thinks he can do anything without punishment. He keeps guns at his parent's home - be careful.
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