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Surrender, Allowing, and Synchronicity

“Surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away.” (Cheap Trick)

For many of us surrender is a foreign concept. We are groomed to push through difficult times and so giving in to anything can feel like quitting or even failing. We see surrender as loss to be avoided at all cost. There is another type and level of surrender though that deserves a capital S. This is the action that sets your soul free and opens up avenues and abilities that may never have even been considered or known. The act of Surrender opens up your soul to receive what has always been there waiting for you to become aware of its presence. It can be instantaneously transformative but often takes many years. Most will never reach it in their current lifetime and some will remain asleep and unaware of what lies beyond the oft obscuring cloak of common earthly experience.
Surrender is a process during which the elimination of its two most powerful blocks must be achieved. Those enemies of Surrender are the formidable foes called rigidity and fear. Surrender requires the embrace of chaos and a suspension of ego control. Surrender is like a slack muscle that with work begins to make an expansive space where fear is replaced with allowing. In this passive state there exists only possibility. When you hear or read people saying, “Let go, and let God” they are often referring to Surrender or its close cousin Acceptance because you cannot change what you do not accept as reality.

“To infinity… and beyond!” (Buzz Lightyear)

“And beyond.” Just sit with that for a moment or two. Imagine a space inside yourself where there is such faith, hope, and limitless knowing that you easily embrace even that which lies beyond all that can ever be known. In that absence of the clinging albatross of fear and the confines of being compelled to force things to be as you feel they must be there resides immense power from the divine.

Allowing is a state of openness where synchronicity may be experienced. Synchronicity has been called many things including kismet, luck, and coincidence. I call it sacred divinity and I have experienced many times a pull just below my diaphragm that nudges me to take a different path on my walk where I then find an injured animal needing immediate aid or urges me to go out despite inclement weather to the local library where I meet someone who teaches me something or where I happen across a book that contains a snippet of wisdom I need on my journey. Many including myself believe that inspiration for writing, art, and inventions can be received through this space of allowing. I also believe that the intuitive gifts of the empathic shine through this opening we create with the practice of clearing the mind through meditation or prayer and allowing the space between our thoughts to expand.

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” (Lao Tzu)

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Surrender over took me a few weeks ago , it was a blessing !
  • February 17, 2016
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