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DELAYED FOR NOW: New Forum Area for Members to Ask Individual Psychics



Plan to add a forum section soon where members can "Ask a Individual Members" for personal help from that particular Psychic Member only - BUT NOT PERTAINING TO MISSING PERSONS/HOMICIDE THREADS - more of a personal nature.

In other words, on the "Ask Shellee Hale for Personal Help" thread, only Shellee Hale can respond to that member in her thread. Of course, if a Participant Member feels they cannot help with that particular question or whatever, they can note that the member can ask someone else in another Participant's thread.

MEMBERS would have to be willing to have their personal requests answered publicly in the forum.

At this time, I would like to know how many Psychics/Mediums/Readers, Dreamers, Tarot Readers, Astrologers, Remote Viewers, Intuits, etc., would be interested and are comfortable in having your own thread for members to ask you a question for help with personal issues(other than the Missing and Homicide sections).

IF YOU'D LIKE TO PARTICIPATE, please email me to let me know as I will work on setting up a list of participants and then add links to each Psychic Member's thread once we have designated area set up.

P.S. Just click on my Icon Photo image to go to my profile and click on "send message"

Thanks & Blessings,