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THIS COVERS "SOME THINGS: (not everything)

Admin opens threads and Family and/or LE direct requests preferred and required in many cases. Although PCF primarily prefers direct requests from Families of the Missing and Murdered, LE, FBI, etc., we may post some other public missing cases. If you cannot find a forum thread, or would like to request a forum thread be opened, or need other assistance, please email me or send friend invite.

Members are requested to add a statement of how they receive info, how they are participating, etc. and will be contacted via email with instructions as members log in. Once set up, statement will automatically appear in all of your past, current, and future posts.

Members participate by posting their own Psychic input in the Forum Threads within forum guidelines and do not need to be asked or invited to work on cases. And although some members have stated such in past in their posts it is not necessary and makes other members feel left out (it upset some members) so don't do it. ALL members donate their time, free of charge, including Admin.

PCF does not permit using this site to solicit individual members (including Families that PCF works with). Work is to be done at this site in the forum threads and not on email, not on member's profiles, etc.

Changes were made some years back so do not base things on what was posted in past or in some of the older forum case threads. There was a huge lawsuit in another forum where individual members were sued.

PCF NO LONGER POST FURTHER NEWS UPDATES, VIDEOS or PHOTOS IN THE FORUM THREADS other than in the first Admin Opening Post #1 (Admin opens all cases, news pages, etc., and may post special notes/updates and refer members to PCF news section). No posting or discussions of names, addresses, property addresses, phone numbers, or photos of people or their vehicles permitted,, etc.

Do not discuss the victim's family members in the forum threads (post what is received Psychically and it must be noted).Accusatory posts will be removed If something is received Psychically, it must be stated so.

Do not post links to (or pull names from the Internet) or post or discuss information from others' personal websites such as Facebook, etc., in the forum.

Keep in mind that PCF does not permit using forum to market or get traffic to personal outside websites (similar has always been noted in the Terms of Service (TOS) when you sign up.) So do not post links to your outside website in the forum threads (which will be removed), but you can post your website link on your personal PCF Profile Page.

Any attempt to use PCF forum (including on personal profiles) for one's own personal gain, or to posts to draw personal attention to one's information will be removed and member banned.

Do not post in forum about others' related to cases, mentioning names, or supposedly what someone reportedly said, posts or heresay about the investigation, etc.

A reminder not to post comments or personal remarks about the Victim's Family members, Suspects, Persons of Interest, LE, or other agencies, or other people in PCF forum threads or in the forum. The forum is not private and even the perps themselves sometimes read the forums as well as attorneys, etc. The threads are for Psychic work/input. Keep focus on location and what is Psychic information and not on other members, etc.

Shellee discontinued providing case feedback publicly in the forums after we started working more closely and publicly with Families of the Missing and Murdered, etc., some years back. At that time, it was upsetting and came off as insensitive to the Families to have Psychics go on and on discussing what they got right, or what they picked up, in front of the families, at the very moment their Loved One had just been found.

We all agree that Case Feedback is important and it helps members to personally grow, improve, and everyone wants to know some feedback on what happened on a case, but forum, at moment, is very limited on what can be provided publicly due to ongoing investigations, families privacy requests or other. LE & FBI often request that Shellee not share or divulge any info as they are still actively investigating and working on the cases, including suspects, trials, etc.

And that is what is meant by "it's not about us and should never be about us" at the moment a Missing Person is found. A lot of you may not be aware of all of the Families who are members and whom PCF has a close relationship with. From time to time, requests are received from other Families (not just PCF Families) to remove threads or stop working on cases and PCF will honor those requests.

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