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GENERAL FORUM RELATED INFO: Members participate by posting their own Psychic input in the Forum Threads within our forum guidelines and do not need to be asked or invited to work on cases. And although some members in the past have stated such in past in their posts, it is not necessary and makes other members feel left out so don't do it. ALL members donate their time, free of charge, including Admin. PCF does not permit using this site to solicit members (including Families that we work with). Work is to be done at this site in the forum threads.

Keep in mind that PCF does not permit using PCF to market or get traffic to your personal outside websites (similar has always been noted in the Terms of Service (TOS) when you sign up. So do not post links to your outside website in the forum threads (which will be removed), but you can post your website link on your personal PCF Profile Page.

A reminder not to post comments or personal remarks about the Victim's Family members in our forum threads. The threads are for Psychic input. Keep focus on location and what is Psychic information.

Although PCF primarily prefers direct requests from Families of the Missing and Murdered, LE, FBI, etc., we may also post other public missing cases. If you cannot find a forum thread, or would like to request a forum thread be opened, or need other assistance, please email me.

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Note: Shellee is no longer doing this radio show at this time.

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