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Kathi Calahan

Lives in Prescott, Arizona United States · Born on January 27, 1954
vanessa lynn gallion
hello i was drawn to your page not sure why
Hi Kathi,
Was just thinking about you the other day...and then here you are! That happens with you...where I'll think of you and then you show upSmile Hope all is well with you and good to see you in here ...
Kathi Calahan
Kathi Calahan
This unretouched photo awesomely proves that energy is everywhere. I don't know whether this was a spirit's energy or what, but it seems that wherever I go (I'm the one sitting) strange energy pattern...
Kathi Calahan
Thank you Shellee. I just recommended you on a psychic Blog Talk Radio show 2 nights ago. They were looking for someone who finds lost people. Anytime I can be of help for an interview or anything els...
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